At long last, the comprehensive autobiography of one of rock-and-roll’s most important foremothers, June Millington, has arrived!

Broad and far-reaching on numerous levels, Land of a Thousand Bridges chronicles the story of a young girl born to a mixed-race couple in the Phillipines, who traveled to the US with big dreams of becoming a rock star, and made those dreams come true.

All the while, she and her bandmates had to rise above sexism, racism and all manner of prejudice on a daily basis.

Even if rock and roll history isn’t your thing, Land of a Thousand Bridges covers so much more than just the music – it’s also about the history of feminism, and how one woman with a guitar helped change the world for the next generation of women.

Read the triumphant story of June Millington’s journey through the 20th century, how she navigated her way through making it as female rock performer and artist, and how her efforts and accomplishments paved the way for so many more women and girls to find success in music. Order your signed copy today!

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